New: President O'Brien Shares Position on Faculty Unionization

Voice & Respect

If we are asking our students to leave the world a better place, then we must do the same. In our thoughts. In our words. In our actions.

That means that if we are to truly make Santa Clara a better place for all of us to work, we need to work together to build a culture of deeper trust and mutual respect, even when we disagree.

Together, we can improve our culture through greater inclusion, transparency, and accountability in decision making. As one step toward achieving those goals, we have enhanced our governance structures to ensure our adjunct faculty and lecturers have a greater representative voice on campus through the work of the Faculty Affairs Committee, the Faculty Affairs Subcommittee on Adjuncts and Lecturers, Lecturers Best Practices Task Force, the Committee on Lecturers and Adjuncts (COLA), and the Quarterly and Semester Adjunct Lecturer Working Council. Those voices have been critical to achieving productive solutions to concerns raised by our adjunct faculty and lecturers.

It also happens by ensuring the experience and professionalism of our adjunct faculty and lecturers helps guide the academic experience at Santa Clara. The interim dean of the Jesuit School of Theology, the chair of the Engineering Management department, and director of the neuroscience program are adjunct faculty. Moreover, the director of the Core Curriculum, associate deans in the School of Law and School of Education and Counseling Psychology, chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, chair of the Student Affairs Committee, past chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee, director of General Engineering, and chair of the Applied Mathematics Department are also adjunct faculty. They and all our educators are vital to our ability to help shape the next generation of leaders and global thinkers.

Expanding faculty development opportunities, working towards greater consistency regarding job expectations, developing new career paths, reframing titles so they are grounded in respect, and more are just some of the tangible ways in which we are working towards creating an environment where all faculty feel valued and respected. And while those changes are important, we also remain intently focused on the micro, daily ways in which we all can do better to create the kind of environment where we all want to work.

This website is intended to share the work underway to address the concerns that have been raised by our adjunct faculty and lecturers. Please check back often!