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Career Stability

NEW: AYAL and RTL University procedures and guidelines finalized

Through our collaborative governance structure, significant progress has been made to provide greater clarity, consistency, and stability for Santa Clara’s valued adjunct faculty and lecturers.

As just one example, most if not all, contract renewals for this academic year occurred by April versus June, which was typical in years past. This afforded colleagues almost five months notice before the next academic year cycle.

Based upon the feedback from the Faculty Affairs Committee, the Faculty Affairs Subcommittee on Adjuncts and Lecturers, Lecturers Best Practices Task Force, the Committee on Lecturers and Adjuncts (COLA) and others, we also clarified and rolled out procedures and guidelines for matters such as course cancellation, advising and service expectations, and evaluations.

  1. University Procedures for Renewable-Term Lecturer Reappointment Process
  2. University Procedures for Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer Reappointment Process
  3. University Quarter and Semester Adjunct Lecturer Reappointment Process
  4. University Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer Search Procedures
  5. University Quarter and Semester Adjunct Lecturer Search Procedures
  6. University Guidelines for Service for Academic Year Adjunct Lecturers
  7. University Guidelines for Advising for Academic Year Adjunct Lecturers
  8. University Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer Evaluation Letter Template
  9. University Faculty Activities Report for Academic Year Adjunct Lecturers
  10. University Procedures for Course Cancellation

You can find all the new procedures and guidelines on the Provost’s website. This FAQ provides additional helpful information, as well.

Feedback from faculty about their experience with these new procedures will inform further improvements in the coming academic year.

This website is intended to share the work underway to address the concerns that have been raised by our adjunct faculty and lecturers. Please check back often!